When People Steal From You

So I have a blog and there is this other blogger in my niche who a few months ago stole one of the free guides I offer on my website and pretty much ripped it off onto his own site. I called him out on it and told him I’d file a DMCA if he didn’t remove it. He ended up removing it. But today I noticed again that he’s put up practically the same freebie (a few months later) with barely any major tweaks. It still looks like a complete rip off of my content and design. But last time this happened it made me totally angry and derailed my whole weekend and I didn’t get a lot done (I wasn’t in scholars back then!). I have a lot of big goals coming up. I’m doing my first course launch in April, so all my time is really valuable right now and I need to not get caught up in this. I’m sort of at a loss of what to do though. I feel upset that he steals my ideas… but I don’t really think it’s going to impact my business. I just don’t feel like it’s right and I don’t feel like he should be able to get away with stealing from others. However I realize that’s a thought. And I can choose a new one… one that helps me keep going toward my goals and not get caught up in this mess again. How do i reconcile the two though? The thought that it’s not right for people to steal from others… and the thought that I need to focus and that worrying about this won’t help me achieve my goals?
Unintentional model
C- Another blog stole my content idea/design and copied it to their own website
T- that is unfair, he should come up with his own unique spin on things and not steal from me
F- anger
A- engage in a flurry of activity too try and get back at the person and get him to remove the content
R- derail my work and my focus and my goals
Intentional mode
C- Another blog stole my content idea/design and copied it to their own website
T- My success will not be derailed by this infringement
F- Peace
A- keep doing my work
R- stay on task to achieving goals
It sort of feels like by not saying anything or doing anything here, I’m acknowledging that it is OK to steal from me… which doesn’t feel like a good thought. I keep going in circles.