When there are more tasks than time

Working on Monday Hour One has started to give me some really useful data for how I’m spending my time, obstacles that come up during the day, how much buffer time I want to plan in, etc. I am currently running into (what I interpret as) an obstacle: when I write out all my work to-dos, they do not fit within my 40 hour work week. In my mind, the length that it takes some of the tasks is a C, patient appts are one hour and that’s not up to me to change, calling a patient for follow-up usually takes 3 tries aka 30 mins over the course of a week, etc. I put them all on my calendar and try to put lower-priority tasks on the following week, but I can already imagine that now next week I will have even more tasks that don’t fit within the week because several hours are already accounted for. I am trying to figure out what I want to do with this information and what I want to think as I move forward.

Unintentional model:
C: put tasks that total 50 hours on my calendar
T: there’s not enough time for all I want to do this week!
F: stressed
A: work from a place of scarcity, quickly get upset when new tasks arise or when anything more is asked of me, feel railroaded by my schedule, resent my job description and place of employment
R: I don’t find or make time and I don’t enjoy the time I do have (?)

Potential IM:
C: put tasks that total 50 hours on my calendar
T: Problem solving and learning to make more intentional decisions is exactly what I want to be working on right now
F: motivated
A I choose how to spend my time at work (I can shorten my task times, decide that some tasks don’t make the cut, or Move to next week). Examine why I am doing the tasks I am doing and if I like my reasons, look for ways to make them more efficient , I engage in thought work and get to know my current thoughts better and can decide to change them if I want
R: I start taking responsibility for my life and build confidence (?)

Thoughts or feedback appreciated!