When There IS Better

So Brooke keeps calling our attention to the fact that There will not be better, when we’ll finally achieve the goal of weight loss and I want to say that throughout her SO Workshop she does sell us on the idea that delaying gratification, choosing to honor our plan, choosing the hard thing does in fact result in better life after, and she actually dedicates few videos to showing how her life is better when she doesn’t overdrink anymore.

I lost all my extra weight using my first year as a scholar and now, on my third year I am facing needing to lose it all again after gaining it all back, so having been at the summit of my ideal weight I can say 100% that There was better for me in so many ways:
I felt better, physically and mentally, I looked better, I had more clothes options to wear from my closet, I was more confident, I was more social, I had better cognitive focus, I lowered my cholesterol, I moved with more ease, I breathed better.

Why is she saying, then, that there is not better when she enjoys today the better of not drinking alcohol and not overeating?