When thoughts feel true

So from my thought download I have pulled out the following thoughts about my son:

– N is a slave to his phone in all ways.
– His whole world perspective, values and opinions have been formed from that narrow and often dubious information source.
– It’s deeply worrying.
– I’m not sure I like who he is becoming – he is the student and his phone is the teacher; not us.

Now I know that when each thought is plugged into a model it will create feelings of upset and worry, but these thoughts feel true to me. If I try to change the thought to make myself feel better, the new thought will no longer be a representation of what I really think and believe.

So I’m stuck how to deal with these thoughts.

Is it that I have these thoughts, and as I believe them to be true I accept them and accept all the feelings they create? If so how does that move me forward or help?

Not sure about this one and would appreciate your help.