When to Become A Coach

I am 25 and I have been in my job/field for 3 years. Over the last year and a half I have gone through periods of extreme dread and dislike, but have also gone through periods of enjoying it and feeling good. It’s a 9-5 job, the environment lately feels toxic, at least to me, and it gives me no sense of purpose. I know in my life I want to manage my own schedule and have location independence. For these reasons, I know that I can’t keep going on with this job, and I always knew it was temporary to begin with, but it is funding my life and my home (~80k a year) so I haven’t just quit without a plan.

In a couple weeks I will become a 200hr certified yoga teacher. I love yoga and I loved learning about it, and I love writing flows for my friends and family. However, it’s difficult to make a living off of yoga and I don’t think I’m interested in trying to do that.

After exploring, the one thing that keeps sticking with me as something I was to at least try is being a life coach. I have always been interested in improving myself and find myself looking to apply what I learn to help others, although they aren’t always receptive. I am craving an outlet to help others and feel a sense of purpose. I know my purpose is to be the best version of myself in order to inspire others to be that as well, and this seems like a great career for that.

Here’s where I’m stuck – I like to leap into things. After graduation I moved to California without a job and wanted to try something different than my degree. I ended up doing a few odd jobs and then going back into my field instead. It ended up okay, and I know it was meant to be (I met my boyfriend and live in Colorado now and love it), but it still felt like the same old thing.

I leapt into yoga teacher training without a plan, hoping I would figure it out, except I am as planless as ever. I have no idea how I want to become a teacher or when in my schedule, and have a true fear, distaste, and lack of know-how of having to market myself. (Which is really gonna be a main hurdle of me owning my own business lol).

If I can’t figure out how to do the yoga teacher thing, how will I figure out how to launch a life coach business? I understand that there are ways I can be confident without having the experience to back it up, but this is a really large investment for me, if I can even find the money for it, and I want to do it right. I don’t just want to jump into it and set myself up for failure/unnecessary struggle if I don’t have to.

But at the same time, it doesn’t feel like me to wait.

I guess I have several questions here. I know I can succeed if I sign up to be a life coach now, but will I be as successful as I could be? Should I do a couple more months of Scholars first? (I only have like 2 weeks so far). I have also had issues with buffering and overeating a bit although I’m not overweight, it just makes me feel tired and get headaches all the time which doesn’t make a person feel empowered to launch a dream.

Would it be best to tackle the smaller task of putting myself out there as a yoga instructor first? Or do you think I will be able to learn and overcome these things through the life coach certification? I just want to set myself up to be the most successful. I really would like to sign up for the certification but wanted to check in with people who actually know what it’s like. Thanks for reading and considering!!