When to change Thought Vs Circumstance(if we can)?


I joined self coaching scholars this January and trying to learn about the Model by practicing. My question is related to how to choose between changing your thought vs changing your circumstance. Sometimes we have the option to change the circumstance i.e. we can control it, at least to some extent. And in other cases, the C is completely out of our control and we can only change our thought about it. I can see that how changing your T can make current situation more tolerable, however, can it make one complacent? In a way, I see changing C as setting goal to make certain change. When is it better to change our thought about current situation and when is it better to work towards changing the situation itself?

Or do you consider goal as an entirely different model? i.e. if we change the C in model, does your model change from let’s say Model 1 to Model 2?

For example, in my case I have this model about my work right now:

C: I have this job
T: I don’t particularly enjoy it anymore
F: Stuck, Unmotivated
A: Procrastinate
R: Don’t do a good job at work

I can see three ways to change the model:

Option1: I could change this model with a neutral thought:

C: I have this job
T: I can show up everyday and do my part
F: Neutral/detached.
A: Do the committed work
R: Possibly do a good job

Option2: Change T to a more positive thought
C: I have this job
T: I can try to find ways to make this job interesting for me(Don’t believe it fully)
F: Curious
A: Be open to new opportunities at work
R: Possibly do a good job

Option 3: Change C

C: Join another team within my company (I am sure there are many possibilities, but right now this seems(?) to be the only open C for me)
T: I can learn new things!
F: Motivated
A: Focus on contributing to the new team
R: Do a good Job

Which model is better to focus on?