When to change your goal

I am looking for advice on how to decide whether I should keep my weight loss goal or not.

I have a goal weight, but I have been thinking that it will be better with small steps. I have been dividing it into smaller goals.

What has happened since January is that I have not met one single one of my smaller goals. I keep stretching my timeline. I have already moved the date from 16th of January to 16th of February. Now that date has also passed without me reaching my goal so pushed it to the 1st of March.

I am trying to figure out what feelings comes up when I change the goal:

C: Goal of 155 pounds by Feb 16th not reached
T: There is no point in moving the date again (I need to do something different now)
F: Determined (but also confused)
A: Doing Thought Downloads, getting coaching, doing Thought Models’s, writing protocols with less food, asking myself questions
R: Moving forward

C: Setting a goal of 165 by March 1st
T: This moves me forward too slowly (But also: This might be more realistic?)
F: ?