When to Complete a Model/Eating Sweets

I’m new to SCS & need clarification on when to do a Model. Am I supposed to do a TDL, pick a thought from the TDL that bothers me & do an unintentional and an intentional Model?

Is doing a TDL necessary to do a Model? If I have a thought or feeling randomly, can I do a model on it if I’m unable to make time to do a TDL?

Please give me feedback on my models below. Thank you!

C: eating sweets daily
T: I eat too many & “should” be able to control it
F: Frustrated
A: Continue eating sweets off plan & behind my own back
R: weight gain, low energy, skin problems

C: eating sweets
T: I get to eat them with integrity when I put them on my plan
F: Manageable
A: Plan to eat sweets twice/month
R: higher energy, less joint pain, clearer skin, weight loss, allowing & managing urges without anxiety