When to do a thought model on acceptance and when to change my life

I have been using thought models to help me have a better approach to work: “I am so grateful for my work and to be able to be financially secure.” “I choose to do my best today and provide value to the people I interact with.” “I can choose to approach my work with curiosity and energy, I can look for all the good moments and create good moments in my day.”

However I feel like I am doing thought downloads and reframing thoughts all day long, and I am wondering when or how do we conclude that maybe this is the wrong job for ourselves? I guess I can just choose it’s the right job or choose it’s the wrong job, but then I feel like I get a bit lost.

Theoretically, I could use to model to make the best of any situation in my life. But when do I know it’s better to change the situation instead of using the model to make the best of it?