When to know its time to move on and how

Hi… Ive been feeling all kinds of negative feelings for the past several days. This started when one of my subordinate got angry with me for something she thinks i did wrong. She said so in her messages and she does not want to talk to me. I know that my feelings are caused by the negative thoughts running in my head about this incident. This is further compounded by the thought im having at work (not just with her) which i know is putting pressure on myself.

Ive been doing models on my thoughts for the past days and trying to feel the feelings in my body. However, it affects my performance at work since i think im indulging in feeling these feelings and not taking actions to move forward. Ive been trying intentional thoughts such as below but im not quite believing them yet.
– i did what i think is right
– she’s angry with me and that’s okay
– i did what i think was best for everyone
– i can feel negatively and still do my work
– she is my friend and i love her
– she can do what ever she like and its okay
– im okay with whatever opinion other people have of me
– i am not perfect in her eyes or anybody’s eyes and that’s okay
– i did the best i can
– i can feel any feelings
– i have me

Im now currently resisting feeling helpless and defeated and insecure (i have been allowing them for the past days but it puts me in a daze and does not make me take action). I cant seem to find the thoughts that will help me turn this around and how to go about it. Your help is appreciated.