When to listen to intuition

After leaving a long time abusive marriage, I am just now trying to really be present and feel my emotions.

I have tried to do no contact with him for the most part during the almost year we’ve been apart. He has drug out our divorce for over 10 months now and we finally have a court ordered mediation set for next week. I have had to engage with him over division of property during the last week.

I am trying to stay calm, but several times I have felt like I have no control over the way my body is responding. He’ll text me and my whole body starts shaking and I feel physically ill. The other day it was so bad that I packed a bag and locked up my house and left because I couldn’t convince myself I was safe.

At what point to we listen to that part of our brain that’s trying to keep us safe? I’ve numbed out and buffered for a very long time, so all of this “feeling” stuff is very new to me.