When to move on?

When is it time to move on to the next self development objective?
I’ve recently quit doing everything in my life that I thought I had to. I’ve quit working out, watching what I eat, trying to control my thoughts and several other things. I’ve never let myself be out of control, and I’m challenging myself to just let go for a while and give my mind and body some space to breathe and be imperfect. I was finding that most of my regular activities were charged from a negative place. And, I was also struggling with attempting to get all the parts of my life on a good page at the same time. So I just quit trying. I was doing everything half-assed, and not feeling any tangible results. I made a list of main objectives and told myself I would focus on one, and then move to the next when I felt like some level of progress had been made. I’ve been working on my first item for a little over two weeks. I’ve had some huge breakthroughs in my thinking using the model and other tools. I’ve seen my habits change and my mind not crave the old way. I’m having an internal energy that’s indicating I’m ready to move forward, but I don’t want to move too quickly. I’m not naive enough to think that my thought work on a certain topic is ever through. If you have any guidance to offer here I would really appreciate it!