When to quit contract gig

Hi coaches. Working on being happy before I leave my well-paying contract gig. Here are some models where I’m trying to process why I’m staying, how to get happy first, etc. I think I’m still struggling with the getting happy before I leave part? Can you see anything in the below that I’m missing? Thank you!

C: Contract gig
T: I shouldn’t quit because it pays $100/hour and I won’t be able to find another flexible gig in my field
F: Trapped
A: Approach work w/ fear and resentment
R: Stay in job I don’t like

T: I don’t want to work with this disorganized and uncommitted client anymore (but I should stay because of the $$)
F: Disempowered
A: Stew in resentment
R: Don’t commit to the job myself

T: I wish my client were different
F: Disempowered
A: Feel resentful, keep taking action to better the company
R: Wish the whole situation were different

T: I can stay and be happy, I can leave and be happy
F: Empowered, free
A: Quit immediately with love and ease
R: Find new gigs with ease