When You Can’t Rely On Your Significant Other

Hi B and Team!

So here’s the situation:
I asked my boyfriend (professional photographer) if he could take photos of the apartment complex we just moved into so that I could include them in my review. He said yes, so I told the apartment manager that I would have a review for her by EOW with photos. The week and weekend went by, my boyfriend spent his time playing video games. I asked multiple times throughout the week, “hey can you get those photos please?” and he never did. I submitted the review late without the photos.

This is not the first time this has happened and I no longer like doing things for other people if I have to include my boyfriend because he seems very unreliable to me. I would never hire him myself for a project because every time I do work with him I either deliver a deliverable late, or not at all. How do I handle this? Do I just find someone else who can do the job? If I do, how do I handle his reaction when I find another photographer to get work done for me?

These are my models:
C – asked bf to take photos, he didn’t
T – I’m tired of having to repeatedly ask him to get something done he agreed to do and him not showing up and delivering
F – annoyed
A – get frustrated, ask him to complete what he said he would do, focus on him not doing it, get upset, act mean and mad at him
R – arguments with the bf, unloving and conditional love relationship, no photos

C – asked bf to take photos, he didn’t
T – no big deal, I’ll hire another photographer to get me the photos
F – accomplished
A – search for an interior photographer, make the appointment, have them take photos, pay them
R – photos for review, new relationship with new photographer

Thank you!