When Your Loved One is Dissapointed

My husband went on an interview that seemed to be very promising and he was quite excited about the prospect of a new challenge in his career. He is not unhappy at his current job. We both agree that this is the best time to look for a new job, as we both looked for jobs from an “I hate my job” mindset and it backfired, to say the least.

I am now the Administrator of a multispecialty medical practice and I’m having trouble with what I see as “unprofessional” behavior on the part of the person who interviewed my husband for the current position because I don’t behave this way toward potential applicants. My judgment is the problem for sure and the Manual I have called “How An Executive Should Treat Employees and Applicants.” I am full of righteous indignation and disappointed for him and wish it could have turned out differently but……..

I (and my husband) are both active in Science of Mind and Universal principles, and we both believe that if it is supposed to happen it will. We have both actively been discussing this and saying “either we believe this stuff or we don’t”

C J was offered a job at $2500 less than promised in interview #1
T That Administrator is completely unprofessional
F Angry
A Mentally compose emails from my husband to this guy complain to my husband, tell my other industry friends about the place and how unprofessional they are
R I am unprofessional
C J was offered a job at $2500 less than promised in interview #1
T This is where the rubber meets the road in my spiritual beliefs
F Accepting
A Accept that not everyone in an executive capacity has to behave like I do, know that if it is supposed to happen for J in this company it will, be supportive of him in his disappointment, use this as an opportunity to look at my stuff in terms of my beliefs, know that I and my husband aren’t the “exception” to the rules of the Universe
R My spiritual beliefs offer me reassurance