When your negative result model "protects" you

Good morning. I just started SCS and I’m taking the courses in Assets before my official May 1st start date. I’m in module 1 of How to Feel Better. I completed 8 models this morning based on my brain dump in video 1 and I already see a pattern. The following is one of my models but they almost all have the same feeling line “Fear, Shame, Sadness” with the same result line “Inaction, Stay Stuck, Don’t Move Forward”.
C – There are actions available to take
T – I will fail
F – Shame, Sadness, Fear
A – Hold back, Don’t take action, Don’t try, Hide
R – I don’t move forward, I stay stuck in my current reality, I don’t grow

I can see the correlation. It’s taken me 22+ years (in my job and raising my wonderful children) to get to where I am now in my life. I read somewhere that all actions serve you somehow even negative ones. That’s why you start them and they, in turn, create a pattern. So in the example above, not moving forward “protects’ me from moving backward or loosing what I have. That protection though holds me back from what I could achieve for my family and myself. I know I could contribute so much more and build a great life not just a good one. My head can see that the model really doesn’t serve me but my heart doesn’t want to let go of this perceived protection pattern. How do you get past the habits that you’ve built to “protect” yourself?

This may be answered as I work though the workshop but I wanted to reach out and ask while it was so raw and on my heart. – Thank you!