Where do I focus?

I have a business making almost no money sometimes losing. I do however run a program that is profitable but I haven’t been motivated to get people into it lately. Last month I decided to cancel the sale of my company and really get to back to work. I had 6 things I really wanted to focus on weight, surgery, my biz, organizing, my son with special needs I would like also to have a relationship change(thats on the back burner for now). I chose my business as last months focus and I was told to zone in on that. I live in a big house with a lot of stuff, I could clean amd Organize full-time I probably love that. I’m trying to decide how to juggle my work with my organization, as well as deciding to go forward with surgery I have been postponing for 11 years.

Trying to see how to juggle, not to motivated work on my biz, but need to make money havent been sucussfull at that lately

I prefer to organzize then to try and work and make money.

Also Im having a hard time deciding on which surgeon to use, each surgeon offers different pluses and minus’s

What to do?