Where do I go from here, Brooke?

Dear Brooke,
I’ve been on this journey for 2 months now. I’ve lost 24lb on a protocol created using all your guidance and am feeling better than I have for years.
This relationship work has absolutely floored me though.
Today I did a thought download on love. Here’s what I discovered I think about love. How in the world I didn’t know these thoughts is absolutely beyond me. Here we go;
Love is hard.
Love is exhausting.
No one really loves me except my boys and they probably won’t love me forever.
I don’t really know how to love.
I’m not deserving of love.
Brooke – do I need professional help? I’m feeling terrified and need help for the next step. Applying your principle for self loathing – I hate my body, to I have a body – isn’t getting me anywhere. HELP.