Where do I start?

I am in my second month of Scholars. I know Brooke warned us in the beginning that there is so much information in here that it can be overwhelming – I’m overwhelmed! Lol. I do not know where to start. I joined SCS because as someone who wants to be a Life Coach, I fell in love with The Model and how Brooke teaches. I cannot afford to do the certification program yet so I joined SCS in the meantime, to learn about everything. I want to be an Entrepreneur with my Life Coaching as well so then there is that side of it all that I need to learn. My life is very busy right now. With things (aside from my 8-5) that I want to be doing and things are getting completed. I would say that the most pressing matter on my mind right now is learning how to get rid of limiting belief in general so that I can improve my money mindset. But every topic in here I want to learn about! I need help creating a plan of action or at the very least knowing where to start. Lol

Thank you-