Where do I start?

Brooke: After listening to your podcasts for the last year, I decided to jump into SCS this month. My reasoning: I want to end the noise in my head around overeating and I believe that you have the solution to that. I know this is achievable because I stopped drinking two years ago. I no longer think of it…it does not serve me. Unfortunately, I did not have the model to deal with my thoughts, I ate instead. Overeating no longer serves me. I want a life where I get pleasure from things other than food. I have listened to the Stop Overeating workshop that you included in assets. It’s awesome, and I believe that it is the answer. What is the best way for me to develop a protocol? I have listened to your tutorial on the model, and I am practicing models when negative thoughts come up. SO, where do I go from here? Is it appropriate to talk to a tutor about overeating? Do I need to hire a coach? I feel like I am cherry picking your SCS program.

Thanks~ You rock it! I am inspired….Elizabeth