Where do you draw the line ?

I have married a narcissist sadly. It’s only been a year and I married for the wrong reasons ( afraid to be alone) . I’m not ready to get a divorce out of embarrassment and insecurity still. He lacks empathy, sensitivity, and compassion for my needs. I’m trying to coach myself on that BEFORE I leave… I need to be happy in the marriage first right? Or are we supposed to tolerate narcissists and work on our thoughts about it ? Let them be selfish in the relationship? And I just “ go do my own thing? Or am I indulging in confusion and should file for divorce now? He plays mind games and is not truthful ( traits of narcissist and more but no physical abuse). Here’s my models.. thank you!

C husband
T He’s a narcissist
F disappointment in myself
A anger, lecturing
R I create unhappy marriage

C husband
T I need to make MYSELF happy
F sad but empowered
A pull away , sleep separately, do more things for ME
R my marriage will settle into a new normal or maybe he’ll leave, I’ll be creating my own life within my marriage