Where does one’s “vibe” fit into the model?

Hi coaches. I’ve done a lot of models over the past few months and am seeing a pattern: one of the things I most want to shift in a couple areas is my vibe. Whether I’m doing unintentional or intentional models, I see vibe pop up in the thought line, (“I’m giving off xyz vibe”) feeling line (feel a certain way) action line (i.e., project a certain vibe) and even result (be a person who projects xyz vibe).

It’s everywhere for me, in areas primarily where I want to have a different belief (“I am the kind of person who…xyz.”)

I’m noticing that while I may not be passing through neutral per se, I’m just in a pure state of the undesired vibe or the desired one, and the sentences in my head pause, and the entire model collapses into a place of beingness. I’m then aware of the unintentional way I was being, or getting a better grasp of the desired way of being. Is this totally out there? It’s interesting to observe.