Where is my fault in this?

C: My boss’s boss’s boss told me I had to change my presentation the night before I was scheduled to give it. I explained that it was specifically tailored to our audience and the questions and concerns they would have. She told me I was wrong that the audience would have those questions or concerns. I change the presentation. We received all the questions I thought we would, and the concerns were so strong one person raised his voice at me and said loudly “we’ve talked about this so many times and you refuse to listen.” Then wrote in the chat that this meeting was a waste of time. Then, my boss’s boss’s boss told me that in the next meeting I should change my slides. Every suggestion she gave was exactly what I had before. I received no apology.

T: I should have been more convincing.
F: Distraught
A: Buffering — binging and drinking — for the rest of the day. Crying. Think of quitting. Look at other jobs. Think vengeful thoughts. Worry and spin.
R: Feel sick from food and booze and have made no attempts to change jobs or avoid this problem in the future.

T: The man who yelled at me in the meeting is telling everyone I’m incompetent and is ruining my career
F: Trapped
A: Buffering, binging and drinking. Think of quitting. Imagine I will just die in poverty. Crying.

What other thoughts are available to me?? I was right. I was directed to do something wrong. It blew up. I could have refused and that would have blown up a different way.