Where is my power?

I have a difficult situation with a divorce (I know that’s a thought, but I believe it).

I have a couple medical conditions that are self-managed. I manage them, in part, by not working full time; along with numerous other approaches.

I am now expected to work more than I have ever worked since having children, and my children are still young.

My husband makes significantly more than me. Always has.

I feel as if I can’t work more. If I work more it will worsen my medical conditions, then they will tell me I can’t care for my children. It feels like a lose-lose situation.

His lawyer has already asked me that, if I have medical conditions, then maybe I should have less time with my kids.

The settlement I’m being offered seems terrible. But my lawyer says I could do worse.

I feel helpless to find my power here. Seems I don’t have any. I am trying to work on my business, but lots of time taken with this legal battle.