Where is the line on trying to control other people’s feelings?

I have a little sticky note on my computer screen that says “How can you make someone’s day today?” It’s my little reminder to always go out of my way to delight at least one person every day. Sometimes that means making sure I recognize an employee’s efforts, sometimes sending a link of a podcast to a friend that is topical to something going on…. but the point for me is to make sure I’m connecting and trying to impact lives in a positive way.

As I’ve evolved through Scholars over the past 9 months, and learned more about the model, I’ve started wondering if that’s out of alignment with the philosophy that you can’t change other people and their thoughts/feelings. I think I’ve reconciled it to the fact that I’m trying to impact people, not change them… but I’m not sure my thoughts on it are on point.

I’d love to here your perspective on that kind of thing, Brooke!