Where should I direct my focus?

Hello Brooke!
I am new to your SCS and your teachings! I have been focused on the SO Drinking , but I also have read the Why You Aren’t Taking Action & Stop Buffering booklets that came in my Bonus Box in May. I was working diligently on the How to Feel Better workbook & worksheets until my June class on Self Confidence arrived. Now I feel I am a bit scattered on which direction to give my dedication. I am also interested in becoming a Certified Health Coach, I have taught Line Dance for the past 6 years & Certified as a Pilates Instructor & teaching for two years now. My other job, is my sit down job at State Farm. PLEASE advise me as to where to direct my focus? I feel like a sponge desparate to soak up and apply ALL your amazing teaching! It has been mind blowing!