Where There Are No Temptations

I took a month for myself and stayed in a house in the suburbs away from everything so I can focus on my book.
I bought for myself only Protocol foods and stuck to it easily.
A week ago I returned to NYC and I find myself all day long away from my desk, moving from a cafe to a restaurant to a cafe, eating my boredom and anxiety away.

This morning I walked to an appointment and pledged not to eat outside and watched my brain racing with urges and the discomfort was immense because then I realized I had additional thought which was ‘Why can’t I walk in these streets free of this compulsion and urges?’

And this thought created so much pain, which unsurprisingly I solved an hour later with a french toast at a cafe.

So I did watch my brain but was unable to let that thought be there unanswered.
I had already discomfort from my urges, now I had also frustration and sadness and I read it as too much.

I also realized that all this month away was easy because I had no temptations but it is not my real world.

Is it best for me to go away for the entire time till I lose all the extra weight?