Where to go from here…

Hello again! I am in the throes of a challenging week in regards to overeating. I’m really disappointed and I have some deep-seated thoughts that are keeping me hooked despite working plenty of models (which tells me I just need to accept where I’m at, another thing I’m struggling with). I was doing well until I allowed my lower brain to take over earlier in the week and now I’m feeling disconnected from myself and my purpose and I feel like I’m in a fog. I see people on this forum saying they overate fruit and I know it’s unhelpful to compare myself, but oh my God, I am not just overeating fruit! I have been going all out, all of the sugar, all of the flour, to the point of making myself sick a couple times a day (not throwing up, but feeling really unwell from eating so much).

I’m struggling with how to regain control and re-connect with my reason that I’m doing all of this in the first place. I haven’t overeaten quite to this extent in a long time – it’s almost like this first couple weeks of Scholars got too real and I’m receding back into myself, afraid to face what has come up.

C: Eating more than body requires for fuel
T: There’s something very wrong with me that I eat SO much when I overeat
F: Defeated, isolated
A: Overeat, ignore responsibilities
R: Weight gain, feeling sick, miserable

C: Eating more than body requires for fuel
T: There is a valuable lesson to learn from this and I will not stop trying until I get the results I want
F: Empowered, capable
A: Completing daily task list, self-coaching
R: Feeling confident, closer to goals

Give it to me straight! Really appreciate your guidance.