Where to live

You told me this:
You have lots of options. You could:

Give in to your husband’s wishes (stay here) but be unhappy about it
Fight for what you want until your husband gives in and he moves back to France (he may choose to be unhappy about it)
Go back to France without your husband
CHOOSE to stay here AND be happy about it
The reasons you don’t like living in the US are just thoughts, not facts. You can question and work on all of them if you want to. But remember that you have a choice. Don’t let your brain tell you that you’re a victim of your husband and his wishes. If you stay, CHOOSE to stay and like your reasons for doing so. And do the same if you decide to go. Own your choice, not matter what it is. Don’t create resentment for your husband.

If you believed you could be happy anywhere, which choice would you make? And do you like you reasons for making that choice?

I have many reasons (facts) that I don’t like to live in the US. How could I choose to stay here and be happy about it? I really don’t understand what you are saying and how I could change my thoughts about liking to live in the US…