Where to Start?

I recently listened to a podcast and was considering my current “problem” which involves an intense conversation with a family member that I am dreading. I started off by making a list, attempted in order of all my CURRENT feelings that I have and then in contrast a list, in order, or all the feelings I think I would NEED to have in order to make more action. I will list them out here, but my question is, what is the next step? Do I run a model on EVERY SINGLE negative and positive emotion?? Do you recommend just picking certain ones/which ones? Thanks so much!!

CURRENT FEELINGS: Dread, Apprehensive, Intimidated, Fearful/frightened/scared, Doubtful, Worry, Overwhelm, Avoidance, Embarrassment, Shame, Stressed, Confusion, Stuck, Blocked, Resistant, Wrong, Insecure, Secretive, Dishonest, Distressed, Suffering/pained, Powerless, Disconnected, Shut down, Burdened, Paralyzed, Sick, Restless, Childlike, Reactive (interestingly it almost seems like some of these emotions fuel the other ones)
DESIRED FEELINGS: Self-assured/confident, In control/responsible, Secure, Capable, Courageous, Excited, Thrilled, Eager, Clear, Centered, Composed, Present, Authentic/genuine/sincere, Focused, At ease, Open minded, Flexible, Communicative, Sharp

Thanks! XO