Which bit of my thinking do I work on first ? – newbie to SCS

New to SCS. It feels very exposing to type down my questions even though I have been listening to Brooke’s podcast and gradually learning self-coaching for over a year. I have left my successful teaching career of 20 years and am starting on the shaky road to being self-employed at age 52. I have taken what feels to me like massive action left my job ( which I mainly loved) , made a website, advertised (a bit) and got a few private students and assessments. I am really struggling with quite a few areas 1) what avenue to take, as I have many ideas ( dyslexia assessor, tutoring, teacher and staff training, parent workshops, online courses etc. ) Some of these I love but won’t make enough money for the amount of time they take. 2) Money – I’ve started the money course and know that I need to work on more models about asking people for money – I find this excruciating. 3) Fitting everything in – including my secret wish to begin painting again 4) my thinking around learning – why do I feel that I am not quite ‘expert’ enough? 4)Starting SCS and not knowing which bit of my thinking to work on first! 5) being a bit scared to get coached. I have started models and they are very helpful and very revealing.