Which one?

How do I know if I am resigning or accepting? I was performing a model on the circumstance of slowing down as I age. My hike time is longer. To achieve the previously held time, I must push harder than I remember needing to before. Here is how I did the model.
C: My hike time is slower
T: If R=I am giving up. If A=I am able to train and stay fit.
F: Resignation or Acceptance
A: If R= beat my self up. If A= I am where I am. I can work to improve my times or not.
R: If R= self-loathing. If A= Stay in the game, continue at any pace.

By performing the model, I realized I could CHOOSE to feel resignation or acceptance. And that my thinking result would be much different. Am I on the right path?

I want you to know that your services and “The Model” have changed my life. I wish I had the model when my children were younger. I would have been a happier, more clear-thinking mom and wife. I am so grateful to have it now. I spread the love whenever I can. I really notice that “The Message” is out there and has been for eons, “The Model” is like my key, allowing me to apply “The Message” in a way I never could before.

Thank you so much. Words are not enough to convey my gratitude.