Which to topic to focus on? Chicken or the egg!

Hi Coach,

I started 2021 with my focus on building my business. I have not been using any other info in the Study Vault other than business-related material in order to constrain myself.

Recently, however, I’ve learned something important. Whenever I drink (even if it’s not “excessive” – just a glass of wine), I wake up in a bad mood and noticeably (I mean VERY noticeably) less motivated to work on my business.

My main goal is still to work on my business this year, but now I am wondering if I should focus on the Stop Over-drinking material, since this has a direct impact on how I show up in my business every day.

I know everything is interconnected (and you are probably going to ask me what I would choose if I knew the answer), but I’m wondering if there is a general guideline for order of operations when it comes to tackling our brains.

Do you have a recommendation? Thank you!