Which weight loss course? (CO)

Hi Brooke,
This is my first month as a VIP! So much great content. Thank you.

I joined in October and lost 23 lbs by the end of the year. Since then, I have not chosen to be consistent. I start off strong on Monday but let my commitment waiver by Thursday or Friday. Consequently, I’ve been in a 5 lb range since January. Maintaining a weight loss for 3 months in a 5 lb range is a positive step for me but it is not what I planned. My goal is 125 (I’m 5’6”) and I have 28 lbs to go to reach it.

I want to get my mojo back. To help with that, should I use SOE, the masterclass, the course that start today or a combo of those?

I want to put overeating and over drinking behind me so I move forward with my life.

I should also mention that my primary April focus is work related due to numerous large projects converging this month and next. The time management has taken me out of panic and into performance.