I habe noticed that I tend to whine a lot. For exapmle my kid is sick so I want to tell all of my coworkers that he is sick amd I had to stay up half a night. Or my boss gives me a new project that I dont know and I whine about that. If I think something is not fair or I am scared I think I whine or maybe I just want to be heard. The only thing is I might be chooosing wrong crowd to share my thoughts with. I dont know. I dont find this an appealing characteristic and many times its just autopilot thing and I dont even think that way. Either way I would like to stop beating myself about whining and stop whining. Now I feel like I am whining to you about my whining and I feel like I should have tries to solve this by myself before askingbfor help. I tend to do that, ask other or share things before I really think about them. I think iys automatic. Can you please explain?