White Supremacy and Love

6 months into scholars and I have tackled some pretty big beliefs, with the help of this Q&A, 1:1 and self coaching.

The social unrest post George Floyd’s death rattled me. And to read the other side’s view is startling and shocking. I’ve mostly ignored it for the past 3 years but now with so many other judgements seen and resolved, I am wanting to explore that somewhere in a white supremacists heart is Love.

I was inspired by a coaching call with Brooke where she coached the wife of someone who had evolved into a Trump fan, where their views has evoked very much away from each other.

Brooke suggested she really listen to all of it.

So when I read snippets from white supremists I’m just shocked into numbness. The model looks like this

C – WS
T – what the f*ck?
F – numbness (There is also a feeling of anger but that is for another model)
A – shutdown which then leads to a thought of needing to move (another model, I know)
R – disconnect

I’m not at a place to be curious about what they are saying but I am at a place to consider something in them… which is why I started with Love.

I’m wanting to explore this as a challenge since if I can be with more view points and listen without needing to agree, that would be interesting for me from an evolution standpoint.

Can you help me move toward an IM?