Who am I?

For 30 years, I taught dance. My life revolved around dance – functions, events, even I realized later, to some detriment to my family. A few years ago, things shifted. I went through a breakup, my day job shifted into incredible daily stress, and some dormant health problems surfaced. Since then, my mindset has been “when I get back to dance…”

But suddenly I’m realizing I don’t know if I even want that anymore, but… if I’m not a dance teacher, not a dance coach…who am I? I based my self in that role, I defined myself by that role… for 30 years.

It is both liberating and terrifying to have the wide world of possibilities open in front of me. I’ve spent the last 3 years thinking I’d go back to dance, so I didn’t think of what else I might want to be, to do.

Having a hard time with a model for this. Appreciate your insight!
C – dance
T – I don’t think I want to focus on this anymore
F – relief is the first feeling that comes up
A – sit around thinking about it, not moving on it OR anything else, feel sorry for myself about health issues,
R – not dance, but not putting that creative energy anywhere else, either. Aimless, unfocused.