Who the heck is this?!?

Brooke!!!!! So much is happening in my life right now, it’s INSANE! All because of scholars (since January).

My goals outlined this year were:
1. Beach House – I have no money to buy a home nor do I really want to own a home but forever now I’ve wanted a beach house. Look at the apartment I just signed a lease on…. #balconyandoceanview https://www.beachhouserevere.com/
2. Travel Internationally – girl already hit up Malaysia and Bali, check!
3. My own business – finally made it official, got my business bank account set up and everything, next step is to make more money with my business
4. Have a healthy relationship – making steps in the right direction by moving to Boston and living together #commitment
5. Pay off all debt – Made a crap ton of money in Feb and paid off all credit cards, moving over to student loans now.

THENNNNNN THEEENNN Brooke!!!! This is nuts!

I listened to your certification call by Jody where there were 2000 people on the waitlist.  So then I was like oh crap I should have applied, I didn’t, there is no way I’ll get in now. Then I was on the business Q&A call with Jody last Tuesday and I told her what happened and she was like email me and I could apply, so I had the opportunity to apply! WHHHAAA?! My life is so amazing!

Anyway, I feel like my life is so amazing and beautiful and I’m just so excited and overwhelmed with joy. Just wanted to say thank you and share some of my wins!

With love and positive vibes,