A Whole New Meaning To Buying A Ring

The day I joined SCS I also cut out an ad photo from a magazine of a beautiful David Yurman ring. And then I set out a plan to get this ring, not through debt, but with money well-earned.

On Friday I walked into a David Yurman’s store. Everything about my entrance and the way I was welcomed felt very familiar. You see, I visualized it every single day.

I chose the one I so longed for and as I tried it on, I noticed the sensation that rise in my body. The ring was gorgeous for sure, but what it meant to be able to afford it and what I have become in the past year felt so fulfilling.
It meant also shifting from buying many cheap jewelry items, to buying a single ring of high quality, premium design, and one that I really love wearing.

Affording this ring took a whole new meaning.