Who’s that man?

Hi coaches, I’m facing a strange situation. I’m a married woman, and I met a married man. I can feel we are getting along quite well and smoothly together, even if the relationship is just beginning (lots of emails, some kisses). In order to protect himself, this man refuses to tell me even his real first name. I don’t know where he works, where he lives and of course I don’t know his last name. But he knows a lot of things about me, as it’s easy to find me on internet because of my job. This situation is creating a lot of drama in my head and my thoughts are like this : this relationship is unbalanced / it upsets me that he doesn’t want to reveal anything about his identity / but is a name really important? / why isn’t he able to trust me? / am I putting myself in a dangerous situation ? / what’s most important : what I feel or what I think? / is it possible that he is sincere even though he doesn’t telle me his identity?

This man can do what he wants, of course. I think the question is : what am I ready to accept? But I can’t see clearly in my own mind, I’m not sure what’s important and what’s not, and would like some help to clarify my thoughts and my feelings, in order to take a decision. Thank you.