Today I had an “aha”moment as I did my TDL for believing new things. I have had a challenging time believing my new thought because my brain kept asking me why and the answers were not connecting. Today it all connected. Please tell me if I am on the right track with this. My future self told me that the reason this new thought will serve me is because it comes from LOVE. My IG 2019 is an act of love towards my own abilities, my family’s future and the abundant wealth that is waiting for me. This concept has also completely blown my mind about how I was approaching my successful weight loss journey- that when I take loving care of myself, I show up as a loving wife and mom and have all the energy to keep going towards my IG 2019 and contribute to my family’s wealth and feel my feelings without buffering. I have also made note that in the moment I may not recall my “why”, so I’m making a vision board and multiple reminders at different spots. Side note- I have taken massive action towards IG 2019 and at this time it does look like I WILL achieve it by 12/31 if not earlier:). Just that the “why” has clarified. This work is amazing!