Why 50/50?

I don’t quite understand how emotions will always be 50% positive and 50% negative. I understand that it’s never going to be happy 24/7, and Iā€™m good with that. I’m actually beginning to enjoy my negative emotion, because it shows me where to adjust my thinking and that process is (mostly) fun for me.

As a result, my lows have become fewer and I feel better more of the time. Not all the time and I don’t strive for that. But I don’t see why I won’t continue to get better at it. AND in knowing that for example fear will be there, but I can allow fear which will make me process through that fear faster. It follows to me then that I’ll actually experience less fear, because it passes quicker. I won’t spin in shitty moods for a long time and just ride the wave and manage my brain.

Why then still the 50/50?

In that same vein:
I know I can choose thoughts that help me enjoy activities I used to hate. Brooke is even more practiced at that, and yet she’s said that for 5 pounds stronger she still hates the exercise. Why is that? Why can’t you choose to enjoy it for the result it will get you and the feeling it will give you.

I’d love your input on this. (BTW I’m freaking loving Scholars, I’m addicted)