Why are we doing this?

In a great coaching call yesterday, I realized with the help of my awesome coach that doing the model isn’t meant to just make you feel better but to have a better perspective on your thoughts and feelings. i.e. What thoughts are leading to these feelings.

This ties into what Brooke has called Emotional Adulthood vs Emotions Childhood (I might have those terms incorrect) and the idea that an unkept mind is like an unkept child.

I also see this work as a way to show up to life as your best self for myself and others.

Are there more reasons? As if those are not enough… ive a lingering thought that there is more that I’m not seeing.

Additionally, having done the thought work I sometimes have to make the tough decision to do the thing that I really want even if that part of my brain literally feels like a child when it say “but I don’t want to’.

Is the end state a fully managed mind where the 50% negative thoughts can come in and you can quickly asses them and make the right decision emotionally and otherwise?
It seems reasonable though that reptilian part of my brain thinks “that sounds exhausting” haha.