Why can’t bf let me do things my way and let me learn?

I’ve had this issue before in a previous relationship and looks like I am encountering this same issue again in the current one.

When there are two dif ways to do things. My way, or my partner’s way, I always quickly default to wanting to do it my way, let me learn my lesson if I’m wrong by myself or I just like to do it my way and if it doesn’t work, I’ll do it your way. This usually frustrates the other partner and I’m always insistent and think they’re wrong in why don’t they just let me do it my way? Why do they insist in doing their way and saying I don’t listen?

I’m not sure if my model below is correct, pls help.

C – bf is explaining something and showing how to post something on FB marketplace to sell. I decided I wanted to post it a certain way (or my way). He got frustrated bec he literally just showed me how it “should” be done and why did I have to change it?
T – why can’t he just let me do it my way the way I was thinking in my head but he didn’t like it and we got into it. And he said I don’t listen, I don’t know and I don’t want to listen and I always do that.
F – feeling annoyed.
A – insist and show how I was going to do it and insist on why does he force me to do it his way?
R – we go back and forth, with him explaining and getting frustrated why I don’t listen to him after he took the time to explain?

Intentional model (I’m just playing around with how to help this situation)
C – same above
T – why does he say to post it the way he’s explaining
F – curious
A – ask questions to understand his POV
R – integrate his idea after understanding his POV and adding my idea to it

I wonder why I feel so strong (or stubborn as he says it) about needing to do things my way? How can I learn to be more open but still satisfy my “need” of being right?