Why Can’t I Just Exercise!?

C- I’ve gained 15 lbs in the past two years
T- I just can’t seem to get my sh*! together
F- Frustrated
A- Inaction; eat crappy food and don’t exercise
R- continue to slowly gain weight, remain physically feeling unhealthy, tired and disliking my body

I came across a picture of myself from a few years ago when I weighed 15 lbs less and I felt frustrated and disappointed that I let myself go. My main model about it is above. I’ve been through Jody’s weight loss course and about to delve into Brooke’s Stop Overeating Workshop. My reasons for wanting to exercise in addition to eating healthier are to feel good about the way my body looks, reduce my anxiety, feel better physically, reshape my body and rock my nakedness! Other thoughts that pop up are:
*Screw it…what’s the point
*I don’t want to
*It’s too hard/too much work
*This is what happens after 40
*It takes too long to see changes
*I can’t get motivated

Why can’t I just exercise!? It’s not difficult…turn TV on, press play and move; or put shoes on and go walk…not rocket science.