Why can’t I stop, I know better?

I am a personal trainer and nutrition coach. I know what to eat and what not to. I have helped countless people tap into their inner amazing and reach their goals. My business is growing, I’m a busy mom of 4 who wants to fix me, but for some reason I can’t apply or use the model. I see bread and ice cream and it’s not on my protocol, funny I’ve never done it before, but I’m so busy and stressed and overwhelmed I tell myself it’s an urge sit with it and I blink and I’m eating a loaf of bread and a side of ice cream. oh my gosh! It’s insane and it seems like the more work I do, the more I’m doing it. Like every day! Why can’t I just move on? I’ve always had either I’m eating everything and I’m heavy or I’m eating nothing and so unhealthy. I just want to follow a protocol and stick with it. How? why can’t I get my act together? I’m a mess. I took on so many more clients to pay for my Self coaching scholars membership, I love it, but I’m so busy I can’t even use it and I so desperately need the over eating, business tools, time management, each and every month comes and I don’t cancel because I need this work, my life needs this work, it’s everything I want, need and have looked for, but I’m so over whelemed I joined in September and haven’t done one single month! Not one! Oh my goodness. Where to start, what to do? I’m a hot hot mess. I’m sorry. This is amazing, your coaches are amazing, every single month is something I need so badly, but can’t get my act together to utilize it and make an impact on my life. The overwhelm and lack of time sucks my soul up every single month. I blink and here we are at April and it’s time!! I need to figure it out, but I need to not eat bread, I become an addicted lunatic. yikes!!!! I think that was a brain dump. I’m sorry. There was a question in there.

Brooke, how to I stop holding myself back from all that is possible, use the model for real and stop feeling this deep pain of guilt spending all of this money on myself when I never buy anything for me.