Why do I buffer?

Going through my February workbook and REALLY trying to find negative emotion I am trying to avoid by buffering. Boredom is often what I come up with. My usual buffering activity is watching Netflix and scrolling social media. I have turned off my Facebook feeds and have watched no Netflix since Jan 1 (yay!!!). I have been buffering with a lot of personal development and Self Coaching Scholars. Which is not terrible buffering, but I am a consumer and need to get to some action! I have already loved loved loved my thoughtwork I did in January. Loving my life! Now if I could just get my paperwork done around home and all housework! I procrastinate!

Loved the coaching call today with Nikki – thanks for sharing, Nikki! I also just want to avoid that feeling of ‘lost’ where I get to a place where all my housework is done and I will then say ‘now what?’

I no longer fear that. I am challenged by it! What an amazing opportunity I have! I totally feel it today. This may have been my biggest breakthrough yet :). Excited!