Why do I feel left out?

I have been devoting my extra time and energy to starting my coaching business and I know that I have checked out at my day job, not giving my all or looking to move up the ladder there. I don’t want to strive for more there when I plan to leave, hopefully in a year or two.

Now this younger person who was an admin is now my equal and I feel jealous. I truly like her and wish her success, but these feelings keep coming up.

C – Friend is promoted
T – She’s moving up. She’s doing better than me. I’m falling behind.
F – Left out, not apart of the team, excluded, jealous, anxious, in a hurry
A – Stuff down resentment and jealousy at work because I know it’s not useful and that I have chosen this path.
Work feverishly at coaching business but don’t make headway or get clients.
R – No clients, still feel jealous and behind.