Why have I not reached my goal ? Weightloss question.

I am working on the “How to get it done” worksheet, and struggle with the question “why have I not reached my goal?”, I keep asking myself, and hope my brain will come up with something. I have relatively patiently asked myself the last 2 days. (My goal is to lose another 40 pounds. One year ago I lost the first 20, but have been standing still or gaining since.)

My answer is “because I am not following my protocol”, but that is not the real answer, because it just leads to the question “Why am I not following my protocol”. To this I have no good answer, only excuses. I am too tired, I sleep to little, it is not important enough to me (but it is!). Yesterday I binge-ate until I almost threw up, and was nauceaus all night.

It feels like my brain is not working at all when that is the result of me trying to figure things out. Guidance highly appreciated.