WHY I did and now don’t prioritize ME?

I’m at a comfortable weight but not my ideal physically fit self. For some reason, I avoid taking time for myself to accomplish and maintain the body I want to have. I work hard and put the needs of my family and business first. I’m proud of my accomplishments but find myself last on the list.

A few years go, when my husband and I went through an emotionally rough period, I felt under appreciated and undervalued. I made the decision to focus on myself and got into the best shape ever. I slept better, felt better, was more energetic. Everything was better.

Then, when my husband and I worked through our issues, I became inconsistent with my workouts and my eating. I lost the achievements I’d gained and returned to a comfortable weight, but not where I want to be.

WHY do I do this?

C Stopped prioritizing body image.
T It’s selfish to think of myself. / Husband is happier with comfortable weight.
F I feel like I have lost myself
A Work more
R Successful business. Dissatisfied with physical fitness.